Università 9


Università 9 The Value of Time trieste Dating back to the late 1800s, this historical building has undergone a thoughtful conservative renovation, offering incredible sea views just a few steps from the centre of Trieste. 2015-2022 Project period 2500 sqm Total 12 Housing units Located a few minutes walk from Piazza Unità d’Italia, it covers […]

Boccaccio 15  


Boccaccio 15 Elegance with a Sea View trieste The building offers 15 luxurious housing solutions just a stone’s throw from the railway station and overlooking a quiet green space. It has also been enhanced with a restored façade, a charming entrance hall and the installation of a new lift. 2020 Project period 5 min From […]

Saluzzo 29


Saluzzo 29 Residential Transformation turin Having started life as a multi-storey car park, this five-floor building has been transformed into a residential complex with a contemporary design, combining diverse architectural and residential solutions. The former ramp has been restyled to create a distinctive feature. 2010 Project period 5 min From the city centre 22 Housing […]


Rondissone – Turin

Link Rondissone Multipurpose Spaces rondissone, turin Strategically located between Turin and Milan, LINK includes a commercial area covering over 5,000 square metres, offering adaptable solutions, ideal for logistics use. 2021 Project period 5.600 mq Customisable space 9 Lots from 400 to 820 sqm Strategic Locations This modern and efficient complex, located near the Rondissone exit […]

Hi•t Building 


Hi•T BUILDING Office Spaces in Turin turin A new style of workspace in a complex that combines innovation, functionality and design. Strategically located in the south of Turin, this multi-storey building is set apart by its contemporary lines, large windows and steel frame. 2009 Project period 100-2000 mq Workspace solutions classe a New building Vetro […]

Casa del maestro

Pragelato – Turin

Casa del maestro A real mountain home pragelato, turin Drawing on almost a hundred years of history, every space in this residential complex has been reinterpreted using natural materials and fine furnishings and finishes. The charming housing units, surrounded by a private garden, are located a few minutes from the Via Lattea ski slopes and […]

Chieti 19  


Chieti 19 Green Living Turin In the heart of a dynamic and lively district, the CorsoChieti19 complex is part of the wider enhancement of Vanchiglietta as an extension of the city’s university district. Packed with convenient services, this neighbourhood is just a short walk from the green spaces along the Po river.  2020 Project period […]

Nizza Twentyone


Nizza TWENTYONE Unconventional living turin The enhancement work underscored the original character of the building, from the pilaster strips on the elegant façade to the “British Style” frames of the large internal windows. The 48 property units that make up NIZZA21 are set apart by their unique and diverse qualities, spanning multiple floors and open […]